Commit 106edbba authored by SND\ussrhero_cp's avatar SND\ussrhero_cp Committed by Mikhail I. Izmestev
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apply patch for diawrapper

git-svn-id: 9b283d60-5439-405e-af05-b73fd8c4d996
parent 518b7485
......@@ -163,18 +163,28 @@ protected:
ULONG getRegRealativeIdImpl(const DiaRegToRegRelativeBase &DiaRegToRegRelative);
bool isUndecorated(const std::wstring &undecName);
template<typename TRet>
struct ReturnType {
typedef TRet type;
template <>
struct ReturnType<IDiaSymbol*>{
typedef CComPtr<IDiaSymbol> type;
template <typename TRet>
TRet callSymbolT(
typename ReturnType<TRet>::type callSymbolT(
const wchar_t *methodName
TRet retValue;
ReturnType<TRet>::type retValue;
HRESULT hres = (m_symbol->*method)(&retValue);
if (S_OK != hres)
throw DiaException(std::wstring(L"Call IDiaSymbol::") + methodName, hres, m_symbol);
return retValue;
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