Commit a786efcd authored by SND\ussrhero_cp's avatar SND\ussrhero_cp Committed by Mikhail I. Izmestev
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fixed net process map

git-svn-id: 9b283d60-5439-405e-af05-b73fd8c4d996
parent 8b153f2c
......@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ ICorDebugProcess* ClrDebugManagerImpl::targetProcess()
auto findIt = m_processMap.find(pid);
if ( findIt == m_processMap.end() )
return NULL;
findIt = m_processMap.insert(m_processMap.begin(), std::make_pair(pid,CComPtr<ICorDebugProcess>()));
if (!findIt->second)
findIt->second = getNetProcess();
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