Commit d1401f41 authored by Aleksey R.'s avatar Aleksey R.
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fix: ARM64 use x0 as return register (proof: uf PsgetCurrentThread)

parent 5606c91a
......@@ -1631,7 +1631,7 @@ MEMOFFSET_64 getReturnReg()
return static_cast<MEMOFFSET_64>(getRegisterByName(L"rax").asULongLong());
case CPU_ARM64:
return static_cast<MEMOFFSET_64>(getRegisterByName(L"r8").asULongLong());
return static_cast<MEMOFFSET_64>(getRegisterByName(L"x0").asULongLong());
throw DbgException( "Unknown processor type" );
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