Commit 3ea2a7c8 authored by Aleksey R.'s avatar Aleksey R.

add: partial memory access tests (pykd/pykd#16 reproduction)

parent 6a05363c
......@@ -256,4 +256,13 @@ TEST_F(MemoryTest, InvalidBigRegion)
EXPECT_THROW(loadWChars(offset, 0xF0000000), MemoryException);
TEST_F(MemoryTest, testPartial)
const MEMOFFSET_64 offset = m_targetModule->getEnd() - (sizeof(ULONGLONG) / 2);
EXPECT_THROW(loadBytes(offset, sizeof(ULONGLONG)), MemoryException);
EXPECT_THROW(ptrQWord(offset), MemoryException);
EXPECT_THROW(writeBytes(offset, std::vector<unsigned char>(sizeof(ULONGLONG))), MemoryException);
EXPECT_THROW(setQWord(offset, 0), MemoryException);
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