Commit 6241a35d authored by ussrhero's avatar ussrhero

clang output suppressed for release build only

parent 6c2471a1
......@@ -818,10 +818,14 @@ TypeInfoProviderClang::TypeInfoProviderClang( const std::string& sourceCode, con
InMemoryFileSystem->addFile("", 0, llvm::MemoryBuffer::getMemBuffer(sourceCode.c_str()));
#ifndef _DEBUG
auto diagnosticConsumer = new clang::IgnoringDiagConsumer();
std::unique_ptr<ASTUnit> ast = std::move(ASTs[0]);
......@@ -891,7 +895,6 @@ TypeInfoProviderPtr getTypeInfoProviderFromSource(const std::string& source, c
return TypeInfoProviderPtr(new TypeInfoProviderClang(source, opts));
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