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import urllib.request
import re
response = urllib.request.urlopen('')
cpp ='\r\n', '\n')
pykd_init ='\nvoid pykd_init\(\)\n\{\n([\s\S]*?)\n\}', cpp).group(1)
first = True
for chunk in re.split(r'\n\s*//\s*(?=\w)', pykd_init):
if first:
title = 'Initialization'
rest = chunk
first = False
title, _, rest = chunk.partition('\n')
functions = re.findall(r'python::def\s*\(\s*"(.*?)",', rest)
assert(len(functions) == chunk.count('python::def'))
if len(functions) > 0:
print(f'## {title}')
func_unique = list(dict.fromkeys(functions))
print('\n'.join([f'* [{f}]({f})' for f in func_unique]))
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